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Wellbeing and quality throughout the year

The Hotel Rosa is open all year long and situated in Piazza Marconi, a central area of Jesolo Lido, in which starts the famouse and long pedestrian area with all its shops and attractions during the days and the nights.

Situated at only 100 meters from the beach, the hotel disposes of private beach with sunshades and sunloungers that are exclusively reserved for the clients.

For the sun tan or for work,
for a concert or a journey through,
for a meeting or for running,
for a trip to Venice or for shopping...

Hotel Rosa is the perfect hotel whatever it is that induces you to come to Jesolo.

Holiday Jesolo

Hotel Rosa is open all year... Jesolo because he always knows how to entertain you.


Jesolo Business

The Rose is open all year... that is always ready to welcome those who come for business in Jesolo.